dijous, 2 de juny de 2016

SQL Server 2016

Ja el tenim aquí! Semblava que no arribaria mai la GA del SQL Server 2016. Després del canvi de 2012 a 2014 amb els índex columnars clustered ja tinc ganes de provar com va de rendiment el fet de poder tenir índex columnars barrejats amb índex B.

Aquí van les millores que publiciten:

1.      Microsoft is the recognized industry leader with Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership in Operational DBMS (ahead of Oracle, IBM and SAP), BI and Analytics and Data Warehousing.  
2.       Delivers the most secure & least vulnerable database, and unique security functionality with Always Encrypted that protects data both at rest and in motion.  This unique encryption capability also enables customers to stretch their database into Azure while retaining their encryption key on-prem, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios that are unmatched.
3.       Provides ground-breaking performance and scale as evidenced by the #1 performance benchmarks for the most mission critical workloads and analytics, plus everyday operations which are just faster.    
4.        Has everything built-in providing industry-leading TCO, nearly 12x saving relative to Oracle.  Combine this with the new Compete Database Migration offer and you have a compelling value proposition that Oracle customers will want to know more about. 
5.       New unique hybrid scenarios like Stretch Database helps customers keep more of their historical data at their fingertips and reduces storage costs.  This introduces accelerated hybrid cloud scenarios with Azure delivering faster backups and disaster recovery with Azure and reduced operational costs.
6.       Boasts THE fastest In-Memory technology on the planet across workloads with SQL Server 2016, and help our customers take performance and throughput to another level. See the outstanding benchmark results:  http://www.tpc.org/3321
7.       Enables mission critical intelligent applications delivering real-time operational intelligence by combining in-database advanced analytics (in R) and in-memory technology without having to copy/move the data or impact application performance. This is a first in the industry!
8.       Tackles Big Data workloads as only SQL Server delivers PolyBase technology built-in that allows customers to link structured and unstructured data and query over both with the simplicity of T-SQL that so many DBA’s are already familiar with. 
9.       SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 will offer higher availability, greater performance and faster analytics.  This will provide platform choice when we introduce SQL Server on Linux in the future where we already have 15K+ customers signed up to learn more. Any data, any size, any application and any platform is the new mantra!
10.      Is the only end-to-end mobile BI solution in the market that doesn't require the customer to pay for each named user. We can stand up 1,000 to 8,000 users on 8 cores, delivering a comprehensive BI solution at a fraction of the cost of Tableau and Qliktech.
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